June 6, 2023

JetBlue Seat Selection

Are you wondering about flight reservations for appropriate destinations? You have come to the right place, where you can book flight tickets with JetBlue Airlines. When you get the flight, you should choose the preferred seats in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. The JetBlue seat selection process is easy, which can save time and efficiency.

You must not choose your seats in advance to find better seating options. Moreover, this article allows you to find seat availability and the seat location of your choice.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

If you are willing to select the seats in advance before the scheduled departure, you must be aware of the related rules. Following are the points of JetBlue’s seat selection policy that you can read accordingly.

  • You can select only one seat for each of the passengers at the time of reservation or at any time after that, based on availability.
  • If you choose the JetBlue seats within 24 hours of the purchase, you don’t need to pay any extra seating fees or charges.
  • JetBlue Airlines is not allowed to choose seats that have already been assigned to another passenger.
  • If you choose the JetBlue emergency exit seats, you must be medically fit to handle the uncertain situation.
  • For passengers who don’t select a seat at the time of Jetblue booking, their will automatically assign randomly available seats.
  • Infants can travel on the car seat or the parent’s lap to their destination.
  • The seat selection is also available at the airport at the time of flight boarding.
  • You can also upgrade the JetBlue seats to the higher travel class.

When Can I Select My Seats on JetBlue?

Selecting the seat for the desired destination is essential for both passengers and airlines. JetBlue Airlines allows you to reserve seats in advance for a comfortable and memorable flying experience. In some instances, one can choose the preferred seating.

  • You can acquire the JetBlue seats as soon as possible before the scheduled departure.
  • To select seats, travelers can go online or use the Jetblue mobile app under the booking section.
  • When you proceed to check-in, you can also get the seats as per the availability.

How do you choose a JetBlue seat while booking?

Are you ready to fly high to your dream destination? You can now book your seat when reserving your flight. Jetblue offers simple online steps to select a seat for your destination:

  • Firstly, go to the JetBlue official website at www.jetblue.com.
  • Although you can log into your account and tap on the book a flight option,
  • You can provide travel information such as trip type, travel class, number of passengers, and travel dates.
  • After that, you can add the departure and arrival destinations to search for the available flights.
  • When you get the flight, you can tap on the seat option from the top.
  • Choose the seat you want from the seat map for each of the passengers as per the travel class.
  • When you click on the continue button, you need to review the details.
  • At last, add the passenger’s details and make the payment for the reservation.
  • Complete the process and obtain the confirmation message.

Can I select a seat on a JetBlue flight after booking?

Yes, you can select your seats with JetBlue after making a reservation. JetBlue offers a variety of seating options in every travel class. Depending on your fare type, you can choose your seats and read the information below to understand how seating works.

Steps to book the JetBlue seat after a reservation online:

  • After booking, you can get the JetBlue app or their official website.
  • Under the home screen, choose the My Trips option.
  • You must provide the itinerary reference code and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you tap on the search button, you can find the booking with Jetblue.
  • From that, you need to choose the perfect itinerary on which you want to get the seats.
  • At there, swab on the seat selection icon from the top of the screen.
  • You will find the seating chart where you can acquire comfortable seats.
  • Proceed to the next screen to pay the necessary fees, if any.
  • Jetblue Airlines will provide you with an immediate confirmation message in your mail.

Talk to the jetblue agents:

In addition to the online jetblue seating, you can also talk to the customer service experts and get assistance. Therefore, you must dial the Jetblue Airlines phone number at 1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583) and follow the automated one-call instructions. Once you connect with a live person, you can ask for help in selecting the relevant seats.

How much is the JetBlue seat selection fee?

The seat selection process is available when you start the booking online or offline. During the reservation, you can choose the seats free of charge or by the miles. But after the reservation, you need to pay some charges, depending on the travel class and type. The fees for basic seat selection can be $10 to $20. But for the mint seats and even more space, you need to pay $20 to $250 as the JetBlue seat selection fee for your journey. If you have any questions, you can visit their website or talk to a representative to enhance your knowledge.

What are the JetBlue Airlines seat specifications?

As we can see, JetBlue Airlines offers different seats that passengers can choose from according to their preferences. However, the specifications for each seat depend on the aircraft and its availability. Below are some of the seat types and configurations mentioned.

Basic economy seats:

On JetBlue, passengers paying blue basic prices will be assigned to basic economy seats. You will notice several low-cost alternatives in this fare class. In addition, some restrictions apply, such as the requirement to pay for checked baggage and the prohibition on carrying bags.

Additionally, 24 hours before takeoff, travelers are not allowed to choose their seats.

Core seats:

The higher-level and regular economy seats on JetBlue aircraft are known as core seats. When booking your flight ticket, you can select seats under the blue, blue plus, or blue extra rates. The largest benefit is that carry-on luggage is free for all fare classes. On the seat selection screen or with each subsequent purchase, you will receive three times as many points. Additionally, JetBlue offers expedited security access to the appropriate airport.

Even more space seats:

The extra-roomy seats have a 7-inch legroom extension and a recliner for total relaxation throughout the travels. Those who purchase more space in advance have the right to reserve a seat in advance at their desired position on the aircraft. Compared to the basic fares, you will receive additional benefits.

Mint seats:

These are the full seats in the premium class on JetBlue aircraft. The chairs in Mint, Mint Suites, and Mint Studios also include adjustable stiffness and a massaging function. JetBlue Airlines offers high-end meals, tuft and needle sleep kits, an artisan wine list, and fantastic health packages.

Elite members seating:

JetBlue offers exclusive seating through its TrueBlue loyalty club, which is often referred to as Mosaic members. Based on the tires you have acquired, there are four tiers of elite rank. If available, you can upgrade your ticket to include “even more space” at no additional cost. Level 1 members can choose to upgrade while making reservations or at check-in. The higher-level members, or Level 3, are entitled to extra seats as well as mint sitting.

What are the benefits of Even More Space Seats?

Passengers who want to stretch their legs during the journey can purchase seats with even more legroom. This fare type offers multiple advantages in the Jetblue seat selection.

More legroom:

As we discussed, even more space has the extra legroom where you can proceed to the roomier experience. These types of seats have an extra 38 inches of legroom, which is seven inches more than the normal seats.

Priority check-in:

Apart from the extra space, you are also allowed to complete the check-in and get on the plane first. However, you can acquire seats in the first rows of your flight to deboard early.

Extra overhead space:

You can get early access to overhead space for your bags, stow your luggage with extra capacity, and enjoy free carry-on bags. Keep your boarding luggage closer to you and adjust it accordingly.

TSA pre-check:

If you pass the security screening and enroll in the TSA pre-check, airlines will then allow you to use the last lane at the security checkpoint at a selected airport for even more space.

How do you get an extra seat on Jetblue Airlines?

Do you want to carry the musical instrument or want to avoid the disturbance? You can acquire the Jetblue extra seats and complete the process through some extra clicks.

  • Firstly, you need to access JetBlue’s official website for the extra seats.
  • When you obtain the seats, you can provide the number of empty seats.
  • In the same fare options, you can add the extra seats.
  • However, you need to click the “this is an empty seat” check box for the other commuters.
  • If you are flying with musical instruments or other types of equipment, you must mention the same when booking the extra seats.


Now that you are aware of the seat selection criteria and related rules, you don’t need to wait any longer to select the preferred seats for your booking. If you are looking for extra legroom or comfortable window seating, you can make Jetblue Airlines’ seat selection now and enjoy the journey. However, you can also call the Jetblue Airlines flight booking phone number to choose your preferred seats.

Frequently asked questions:

Does JetBlue Basic let you pick seats?

Yes, you can reserve a seat as soon as possible before the scheduled departure if you are flying with Blue Basic. You will need to pay the additional charges to obtain the seats.

Does JetBlue seat you together?

Infants traveling with adults are guaranteed to sit together on the plane. They will also try to sit with your group so that you can enjoy the journey. You must select your preferred seating in advance to get the numerous options.

How do I choose my seat on Jetblue after booking a flight?

To choose the seats after the booking, you can navigate to Jetblue Airlines’ official website. There, you can manage the trips and access the booking. When you follow the online points, you can choose the preferred seats.

Can I choose my seat when I check in?

Yes, you can choose your seats or keep your assigned seats at the boarding gates. If you already have seats, you don’t need to purchase them again, but you can change your seats if they are available.

Does JetBlue automatically assign seats?

If you are unable to choose your seats until departure, the airline automatically assigns you a seat. However, if you need to make any modifications, you can contact the human customer representative at the airport for help.

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