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June 6, 2023

JetBlue Seat Selection

Booked a flight on Jetblue but don’t know where you’ll be sitting? Want a preferred seat on a Jetblue flight but unaware of the process? Fret not and get your hopes high as you’ll obtain amazing assistance in selecting your desired seats on the plane. Selecting seats is a necessary requirement when you have your own likes on seating in flights. With Jetblue Seat Selection, you can rest assured as you’ll choose your preferred seats without any hassles.

If you do not select a seat before boarding the plane, Jetblue will get a random seat assigned for you. But there is no guarantee you will get a window seat, an aisle or a front seat. So it is better to select a seat personally and enjoy better seating options. You only need to pay a JetBlue seat selection fee, and you’ll be ready to board the plane.

JetBlue Seat Map

Jetblue airlines have a chargeable seat map. Therefore, if a passenger selects a fare including free seat assignment, you’ll still be lead to the chargeable seats. This process is done by the seat map. Suppose you need a preferred seat on Blue basic fare class. This will include a separate JetBlue blue basic seat selection fee(not included in the initial fare).

Besides, passengers can enjoy all the seats with 0 USD charge except for the Mint Studio and Even More Space seats. Keep in mind that Blue Basic passengers can not select a seat without paying a charge before check-in. You can only book your seats by calling the Jetblue Booking number and speaking to an airline representative.

How does JetBlue seat selection work?

Jetblue airlines are obliged to provide you specific seat selection service. You can choose a seat by visiting the airline’s official website or speaking to an expert representative for help. You just need to pay the JetBlue advance seat selection fee and the airlines will reserve a seat in your name. Choose a preferred seat for each passenger in your itinerary by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly you need to navigate any web browser to locate the official Jetblue website.
  • Next, log in using your correct credentials, like username & password. 
  • If you do not have an account with the airline, don’t worry; you can still login into the manage booking tab.
  • After you lactate the Jetblue manage booking section, log in using your flight details such as ticket confirmation and ticketed passenger’s first & last name.
  • Tap the flight details and choose the seat selection option from the manage booking menu.
  • You can select flight check-in service to chose the particular flight and see the seat map reference to decide where you want to sit.
  • Choose the seat and go through the booking service again to reach their payment option. Note that some seats are free while others have a charge. Do select a seat only after carefully seeing the possibilities.
  • Pay for your seats and simply get ready for your journey.

If there is any issue or worry during your flight with JetBlue booking, you can contact their customer service department and speak to someone for help.

Winning tactics for Jetblue Airlines seat assignments

Have you booked a flight, and are you worried about the seat assignment? Jetblue Airlines is here to keep the solution to your issues. It is essential to get the confirmed flight ticket with jetblue to choose the favourite seat. Your Jetblue seat selection, location, and the ability to choose the seats will depend upon the fare you have purchased and your elite status. In this article, you will get to know about the seat selection and assignment with Jetblue Airlines for your journey. This will also include the fares and seating charts to get the appropriate assignment.

Types of seats offered by Jetblue Airlines:

Passengers have multiple choices to get the seats at your preferred location. Jetblue Airlines, each fare class has different advantages and restrictions, too, which you need to understand. Following are the types of seats from which you can choose accordingly.

Basic economy:

Blue basic fares will get the basic economy flight seat on the jetblue airlines. In this fare class, you will see the multiple options of the low fares. Apart from this, there are also restrictions like carry-on bags are not allowed, and you need to pay the fees for the checked luggage. 

Also, passengers cannot select the flight seat 24 hours before departure.


Core seats are the upper level and the standard economy seats on the Jetblue flights. When you book the flight ticket, you can choose the seats under the blue, blue plus, or blue extra fares. The biggest advantage is that each fare class is allowed to take the carry-on bags for free. You will earn 3x points on the seat selection or every next purchase. Jetblue also provides priority security access to the suitable airport.

Even more space:

Even more space seats have 7 inches of extra legroom with a recliner to take complete rest on the journey. Passengers of advance more space are entitled to advance seat selection at the preferred location in the plane. You will get more privileges than the core fares.


These are the premium cabins fully-lie seats on the JetBlue planes. You will also get the adjustable firmness and the massage feature in the seats of mint, mint suites, and mint studios. Jetblue Airlines provides an artisan wine list, tuft and needle sleep kits, high-end dining, and wonderful wellness kits.

Jetblue seats for elite members:

They have an elite progam named TrueBlue loyalty program, also known as Mosaic members. There are four levels of elite status depending upon the tires you have earned. You can upgrade your flight ticket to “even more space” at no extra fees if available. Level 1 members have the facility to upgrade at check-in or during bookings. Level 3 are the higher members to get the mint seating along with additional seating. 

Jetblue gold members will get complimentary advantages on the plane and after the departure.

Jetblue plane seating chart:

This airline has nine different types of planes, continuing a separate layout. Your seat booking will vary according to the plane type which is flying to your destination and route. You must seat the type of plane on your ticket for jetblue seat selection before flying. Here are the simple points that you need to follow to get the plane seating chart.

jetblue Flight seats

  • Firstly, you can arrive at the
  • You can pick your travel dates, number of passengers, along with travel destination. 
  • When you get to the search page, you will see a variety of flights to choose from. 
  • At there, you can tap on the seats to find which plane is flying and what options are available. 
  • You can also view the seating map to get the appropriate seats. 
  • Once you confirm, jetblue Airlines will share the confirmation mail.

Jetblue Airlines seat selection fees:

The seat selection charges will vary according to the type of ticket, fare class, route, and travel demand. All the seats will be free of cost except for the basic economy. Therefore, the fees will vary between $4 to $10, which you need to pay to confirm your appearance.

How to get an extra seat on Jetblue Airlines?

Whether you are toting a large musical instrument or you want more physical distance, you can get extra seats with jetblue. You can complete the process with a couple of extra clicks and get the extra seat just behind you. Thus, you can look at the below information.

  • When you search for the flights, you can include the number of empty seats you want in the number of travelers. 
  • You can select a suitable flight from the search results.
  • All the extra seats must be booked in the same fare options. 
  • You need to continue on the same page to add the traveler 1 details and any other travelers. 
  • However, you can select the checkbox ‘This is an empty seat” for other remaining passengers. 
  • When you check the available box, you must indicate which passenger would be next to the empty seat under the drop-down menu. 
  • You can also mention about the seat for the musical instrument, if any. 
  • You can follow the on-screen commands to get the extra seats and complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my seat when I check in?

Yes, you can choose the seats or are likely to get assigned seats at the time of flight check-in. If you already have the seat, you don’t need to choose again as you can change the same.

When can I choose my seat on JetBlue?

Jetblue Airlines has the option of assigning seats for flight booking. So, you have the feature to choose the seats at the time of check-in, booking, or anytime before the scheduled departure. Jetblue agents are also available at the airport to assign you random seats or any seats of your choice. You can also ask them about the Jetblue seat selection, seating charges and the extra seats if available.

How are seats chosen on JetBlue?

During the checkout process, you will get the option to select your seats as per the travel class. Blue basic fares are required to pay the fees upto 24 hours before the scheduled departure. You will see the seat assignment where you can get the seats, or the airport representative will provide you with the available seats in the aircraft.

Does JetBlue seat you together?

If you are traveling with the children, then jetblue makes every possible effort to sit you next to your child. You can also reach the gate agent or ask the crew members when you arrive at the airport. They will help you to find the best seating option according to the fare type and availability.

Does JetBlue automatically assign seats?

Sometimes, you are unable to choose the seats till the departure. In this case, jetblue automatically assigned the seats as per the availability on the plane. You can immediately contact the representative at the terminal to ask about the assigned seats.

Through the information mentioned above, you will get to know about the seat selection for your destination with jetblue. This is the largest air carrier and always works to provide exemplary services to the passengers of their choice. You must regularly check on their website to grab the deals on JetBlue seat selection and the preferred seats. You can also connect with our customer professionals to ask for assistance.

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