September 18, 2023

Can I change a passenger name on a jetblue ticket?

Jetblue is the largest low-cost air carrier that delivers flight facilities according to the passenger’s needs. You can fly to multiple destinations worldwide and get the flight tickets. When you make the booking for your destination, you make a mistake and enter the incorrect passenger’s name. In this situation, airlines allow you to rectify the mistake and get a new flight ticket after the changes. Changes with jetblue are always stress-free as you do not need to indulge in the tough task. Let’s have a look at the following details to get the knowledge.

How do I change my name on the Jetblue flight ticket?

Passengers can choose one of the easiest and fastest modes by calling the Jetblue phone number at 1-800-JETBLUE (1-800-538-2583) and following the instructions. You can ask about the issue when you get the experts. However, you must follow the online steps below to change the passenger’s name.

Steps to change the jetblue passenger’s name.

  • To begin, you must open the official web page of Jetblue Airlines.
  • After that, you must tap on the Manage Booking tab from the home screen.
  • You need to enter the booking reference code and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you find your reservation details, you can select the flight you wish to make the changes.
  • There, select the name change tab to proceed further
  • With this, you can correct the name or make the changes thereto for your suitable itinerary.
  • You must attach the necessary proof or government-approved documents.
  • If there are any fees, you must pay the same to complete the process.
  • When the website fetches the necessary details, they will give you the confirmation


Travelers can also use the Jetblue Airlines mobile application to change their name. For this, you must download the mobile application from their website and follow the same online process.

JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy.

When you have decided to make the changes, you must be aware of certain rules and restrictions. Here are the essential points of Jetblue name change policy, which you can consider accordingly.

  • Passengers can change their name online within 24 hours of the purchase to avoid any extra fees.
  • If you proceed to change the passenger’s name after 24 hours, you must bear the fees according to the number of letters, flight destination, and number of passengers.
  • All the flight tickets must be operated by the Jetblue air carrier for the name change.
  • If you want to correct the name, then only one reissue per ticket is allowed on the journey.
  • You can perform the Minor name corrections upto the three letters that must match with the government-approved ID proof.
  • Passengers can make the correction once in a while according to the ticket type.
  • Female passengers can change their legal name due to the marriage by submitting the necessary proof
  • Jetblue’s name correction entitles you to any sort of modifications that match the government-issued ID proof.
  • If you want to change the middle name, you must rebook the same flight with the corrected name.
  • Your date of birth must match with the new name at the time of initial booking.
  • Travel agents need to contact the airlines for the name change and get their approval.

What are the methods to request name correction on Jetblue flight tickets?

Jetblue Airlines understands the passengers’ needs and offers services according to their satisfaction. They provide multiple methods for Jetblue change name on ticket, as mentioned below.

Change name online:

One of the best ways is to make the changes to your name online. You just need to visit their website and log in using the Manage booking handle. At there, you can perform some necessary steps and change the name.

Change the name with customer service:

You can talk to the customer service team and get assistance for the query. Therefore, you can dial the Jetblue Airlines customer service number at 1-800-538-2583 and communicate with the representative.

Change the name by the mobile app:

Passengers are required to download the mobile app from their website or Play Store/App Store. When you log in or sign into your account, you can follow the steps to edit the passenger’s name on the travel.

What are the fees for the Jetblue Airlines name change?

Name change once per ticket is free of cost within 24 hours of the purchase. But after that, you must be entitled to the Jetblue Airlines name change fees as provided below.

  • Blue basic seats must pay the name change fees of $100 to $200 for flights traveling other than the USA.
  • Passengers of other fare classes and refundable tickets are required to pay the service charge and the fare difference only.
  • If your ticket price is under $199, your fees might extend upto $150.
  • If you make the changes offline, you must bear the additional fee of $50.
  • The actual fees and price will depend upon destination, time, and the season.

With the help of the above precise facts, you will be able to get entire information about the modifications you can perform. You can contact us or the airline’s customer service instantly for the jetblue change name on ticket if you have any queries.

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