website provides excellent travel-related services at competitive prices. Every customer is valuable to us. Therefore, we have introduced our website certain terms and conditions to control customer activity on our website. These terms explain what you need to do and what you should avoid on our website. They also explained the state of action that the company could exercise if you engage in abnormal behavior that is not permitted. We have aimed out the detailed information of our website terms and conditions below, and we recommend that you read them carefully. If you disagree with their views, you can avoid using the site.

Use of the website

Access to the site depends entirely on the agreement between you and the company. It is not important to register to obtain useful information, services, and products available on our website. In addition, please make sure that any of your online activities will not affect the travel business of the website in any way.

Agreement relevance

In the first draft of the “Terms and Conditions” of this article, “we,” “our,” “our,” and “our” refer to the jetblueflyhighs and its affiliates. “Their,” “user,” “your,” “you” or “customer” and the use of jetblueflyhighs to obtain information, add in-flight services and meal packages, cancel flight reservations or change flight information (such as name, date, or specific airline Timetable) of the person concerned.

Website Contributions 

We believe that customers’ satisfaction like you will help us do business and build networks with more customers. Your priceless response and support will convey our success and bring more business to new customers.

Who has access rights? now provides you with a comprehensive, revocable consent for the website described in the terms and conditions of use; however,


  • Without prior written approval to reserve or cancel flights with jetblueflyhighs, you should not duplicate, share or imitate this website in any way.
  • Except for using this website for practical purposes, you will not make any changes or modifications to any part of this website.

Content removal 

jetblueflyhighs invites more customers every passing day to participate in sharing their travel events in detail. Feel free to post your experience. We do not accept any form of inflammatory speech and reserve the right to delete such content. Put our business reputation first. We continue to pay close attention to every activity performed on our web pages and never wait for a second to delete content.

Report abuse/defamation

We have a strict policy on abuse and defamation. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not try any unacceptable content on any web page. If you are in good faith and want to share some good things with us through the website, please ensure that your service users will not affect the website’s travel business in any way. We are always ready to help you in this regard.


Whenever you browse our website, protecting your privacy is important to us. Hence, you must use technical tools to ensure that your information will not be hacked.

Links to third-party websites

You may find many links to third-party websites on our website for your reference. In fact, we do not endorse or promote these sites. Therefore, you need to agree to their terms and conditions before using them.

Trademarks and copyrights 

We give a good competition to one of the most well-known brands in the tourism field. In order to stay ahead of our peers, we have invested a lot of money to maintain the quality of pictures, images, logos, symbols, and other intellectual property rights. Trademarks and copyrights protect almost all elements available on the website. It is recommended that you do not use any part of the intellectual property rights in any form for illegitimate gains.

Copyright Violation

If you think or find that any of your content has been copied or copied, it may contain or violate copyright terms, and you can send us a copyright infringement notice by email, which should include the following points.

  • Electronic or physical signature.
  • Specify the copyrighted work you mentioned.
  • Xerox authorized access to copyrighted content from the Internet, including the URL of a website.
  • Include enough information to find copyrighted material, such as its URL or other specific locations on the website where the material is declared.
  • Your contact
  • You declare that you firmly believe that the appropriate use is not authorized by the owner, agent, or law.
  • You declare that the above details in the notice are accurate and that you are the copyright owner or one of the authorized persons acting on behalf of the copyright owner.
  • Please note that the contact information provided is only for copyright infringement claims.
  • Except for copyright, we will not answer any other questions.