Travelers ensure that all the details provided, like names, dates, and timings, should be accurate per the passports and travel itinerary. Once the reservations are made, the other tickets are not allowed. In some cases, the alterations may be made after paying additional charges.

During the reservation process, provide all the verified information to the supplier(s) and the principal(s). Check the details specified on the receipt(s) of the travel document, including the name, travel time, and date’. Contact us immediately if any changes are to be made. Please consider that all reservations are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable.

The information the traveler provides while making their reservation will be shared with the relevant supplier(s) or a particular person who makes travel arrangements. If required, the data will be rendered to public authorities— including religious information, dietary, and disability. Passengers traveling to the US, the US border protection or US customs will be offered the required data to prevent any chances of terrorism or other serious crimes. During the booking process, consent is essential for the information you share to be passed to the relevant authorities.

All the travel fares will be promised at the time of booking. The passenger must be at the airport at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure. They will be informed over the phone or email if they find any problem while making the payment. In a No-show situation, no refund or flight change will be offered.

Furthermore, travelers are responsible for all of their travel documents provided by them.