September 27, 2023

Does JetBlue have First-Class Seats?

JetBlue does not classify fares as first or economy class, passengers traveling on Mint experience premium facilities. So, can we consider Mint as JetBlue first-class fare? JetBlue offers five fare classes; Blue Basic and Mint Blue Plus. JetBlue Basic and Blue are inexpensive and thus counted as standard fares. Extra JetBlue Plus offer extras to passengers at higher prices than basic fares. But, the facilities on JetBlue Mint are like other airlines’ first-class fares; thus, JetBlue Mint is now popularly known as first class fares.

JetBlue airlines launched Mint to ease travel on transcontinental flights in the United States and some selected destinations of the Caribbean.

What are the perks of JetBlue Mint?

JetBlue offers good facilities to all passengers regardless of the fare class. As JetBlue has first class fares, you should know more about it. JetBlue airline’s Mint is something really special. Its premium seats and ambiance provide the comfort of home. JetBlue Mint can be an amazing choice if you plan to travel on long-haul flights. Passengers who want to know what it’s like to fly in first class fares of JetBlue airlines can have a look below:

  • JetBlue offers different levels of Mint seats on certain flights.
  • You can expect flat seats that are 8 inches and 6 feet long.
  • To get blankets or cushions, ask a crew member for one or a pair when traveling with a companion.
  • For those looking for a luxurious experience, there are additional tiers available. 
  • Passengers can opt for the Mint Suites, which feature a private suite complete with a sliding door. 
  • Mint class enhances the travel experience with the massage feature.
  • An entertainment screen of 15 inches is available in each private suite of the Mint class.
  • The Mint Studio provides even more space and can accommodate two individuals.

Note: the above features may or may only be available on some JetBlue flights booking. Reach out to the official site and check for the available features.

What facilities can you expect on JetBlue Mint reservations?

When traveling with JetBlue, it’s better to check everything the fare offers you in exchange for the fare price. Start looking for the services from the time of booking. 

Flight Changes and cancellation

You can make changes and cancellations without penalty with JetBlue first class fares. As the terms and conditions of each fare vary, you will get a lot more flexibility and extras on Mint. However, for changes on the same day of flight departure, you will have to pay $75.

At the time of check-in

Mint Customers get the second checked bag free. Also, priority security is included automatically for all Mint customers. All passengers with Mint bookings get the same benefits as Mosaic members at the time of flight check-in.

Boarding group

You will have the opportunity to board and settle on a flight first. All mosaic members and Mint passengers are in the first boarding group. 

Mint Studios

Two “Mint Studios” are in the first row in each plane with the Suites. These Studios are bigger than the Suites and have a 22-inch tilting seat-back screen (compared to the 17-inch screen). Additionally, there is an extra side table for another Mint customer to have a guest seat at the time of take-off.

Enter your private suits.

You will get your private suites on nonstop flights that take you from the east coast to the west coast of the USA, or vice versa. The suites are also available on flights across the Atlantic Ocean, usually between the United States and Britain. You will get ample space within your suite to keep your things here. Note that on Mint seats, Carry-on bags go overhead for Mint seats.

Meal on Mint

If your flight departs before 9:46 AM, you will get breakfast. The airline crew will bring you Lunch when flights depart between 9:47 AM and 7 PM (or westbound flights departing at 7 PM or later). If you are on an eastbound flight departing at 7 PM or later, you will receive the Shuteye menu. JetBlue Mint class allows you to customize your meals if you don’t like the one given to you or have dietary restrictions.

Sleep with Shut eyes.

The airline provides you with a sleeping kit to help you sleep better. The kit includes earplugs, a cushion, and a convertible blanket. Also, as many passengers are habitual to sleeping in complete darkness, you can use an eye mask in the sleeping kit.

On arrival at the destinations

You can take home the self-care kit provided by the airlines to you. Also, you can continue the day’s schedule upon arrival at the destination.

Are there any restrictions on JetBlue first class seating?

Going through the terms and conditions of your flight bookings is important. Every airline facility comes with restrictions. Have a look at the points below:

  • Mini passengers under 15 traveling alone (Unaccompanied minors) are not allowed in Mint suits.
  • No pets (except service animals) are allowed in the Mint, as there is no storage under the reclining seats.
  • If you choose to move, you cannot get the benefits of 2 free checked bags, free priority security, and bonus TrueBlue points on Mint.

Can I get TrueBlue points on JetBlue first class?

When making reservations for the JetBlue Mint class, you will get reward points in your TrueBlue account. You can use these reward points to book a future flight. TrueBlue points are easy to redeem and stay valid for one year. So, it would help if you used the flight credits within the year of issue. 

Also, you can get TrueBlue points only when you book a new flight under mint class. Only passengers who upgrade fares from core seats to mint will get TrueBlue points.

Frequent Asked Questions

Does JetBlue have first class on domestic flights?

JetBlue Mint, also considered first class, is available only on some routes of domestic flights. You will find Mint Suites on flights that take six or more hours to reach the destination. 

Does JetBlue have first class seating?

Expect JetBlue first class seating in Mint bookings on international flights and select cross-country domestic flights. The first class seating comes with lie-flat seats and feels like home.

Does JetBlue have first class on flights to Florida?

You may not get the Mint fare available when flying to Florida from a nearby destination. Say, if you take a long-haul flight from Orlando to Florida, you have the probability of getting seats on Mint fare class.

Does JetBlue a320 have first class?

JetBlue Airbus A320 does not have a business or first class. The aircraft A320 carries around 150 passengers in the same configuration (economy class seating).

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