The Bahamas is indeed a dream destination for those who like life on the island. Did you know that there are only about 700 islands, of which only 30 are inhabited? This way you can explore 630 uninhabited islands. Imagine! With so much variety, things to do, and places to see on the menu, it’s easy to see why! Islands like New Providence are full of energy and energy, huge casinos on Cable Beach and water parks, and luxurious sun terraces in the Atlantis boom. Let’s explore the best activities in the Bahamas. Also, you can book JetBlue flights to Bahamas and enjoy being sandwiched between the local conch salad and fish and chips in the destination.

Adore the beauty of the Caribbean Sea on the pink sand beach

Away from Nassau’s booming resorts and gorgeous casino complexes, the beautiful pink sand beaches provide a more typical Caribbean experience. It is located on the less-visited east coast of Harbour Island, just a short distance north of Dunmore. The sea beats the coastline gently. The distance is just a little away from the shore. 

Take a swim with the Dolphins of Blue Lagoon Island.

Blue Lagoon Island (formally known as Salt  Cay) was once a hiding place for pirates and later a training ground for divers during World War II. It has become one of the top all-around family attractions in the Bahamas. This place is even the venue of the Dolphin Encounter Program, which gives travelers the opportunity to draw a line from the bucket list and swim with the smartest mammals in the ocean! You can simply book JetBlue direct flights to Bahamas and enjoy the facilities at the beach.

Get the Adrenaline Rush at Water Park Paradise Island’s Slides

Paradise Island Water Park is one of many attractions hidden in the vast grounds of the huge Atlantis Bahamas Resort, located on the northern edge of Nassau. Walk down the terraces of the pretend Aztec temple, not to mention the frightening abyss, and throw people into a 15-meter-deep dark hole before going into the water. There is also an adult-only swimming pool with a bar and a grotto pool.

Shope until you are broke at the Marketplace in Port Lucaya

You must not miss the Port Lucaya market. It stands tall and vibrantly on the edge of the harbor of Grand Bahama Freeport, painted in classic Caribbean colors such as bright pink, turquoise, yellow and green. Enthusiastic shoppers can walk through the central square and enjoy more than 40 boutiques selling local straw crafts and art. Stay in some of the top nightlife and DJ performances in town until dark! JetBlue Bahamas flights will offer you exciting inflight amenities and services. Besides, you can enjoy nonstop entertainment on and off the plane.

View various interesting facilities at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of the most developed and well-established beaches in the Caribbean. It is located on the edge of Nassau’s northern coastline and on the north coast of Nassau. Moreover,  it is easily accessible from the country’s capital and the nearby Lyndon Pindling International Airport. Withstanding its coastline, there is an incredible number of luxury hotels, golf resorts, and casino halls, such as Cable Beach Golf Club and Sandals Royal. On the street, just turn away from the beach; tourists will look for everything from English country pubs to sushi restaurants. What are you waiting for? Arrange your Jetblue flight tickets now and get exciting benefits.