June 6, 2023

Jetblue travel bank: Use travel credits for booking your journeys

Sometimes you are forced to cancel or miss your flight due to a sudden surprise reason. This results in pending travel credits on your accounts. Also, when you face some inconvenience, you receive compensation in the form of travel credit. When your fly with Jetblue, these credits are put in a Travel Bank, which you can use for booking. But how to use Jetblue Travel Bank? This is the main question.

Jetblue Airways has carefully devised methods to help you make better use of such credits and use them to the fullest. Passengers can use these Travel Bank credits for their selected travel charges. Let’s know further about the Jetblue travel bank.

What is a JetBlue Travel Bank?

Travel bank is like your online account where you can store, view or manage your travel credits. You can use these travel credits for purchasing Jetblue flight tickets in the future and pay the selected fee.

How to access the Travel Bank?

Your account with JetBlue travel bank is automatically created when you get a travel credit for the first time. Also, the login info is sent to you via two separate emails. You can Log in to the Travel Bank account with your TrueBlue account credentials or the ID and Password you received in your email for Travel Bank. If a passenger has new travel credits, he can look into his inbox to find the correct login info. Keep in mind that there will be two emails, one with the login ID and the other with a password valid only for 24 hours. Note that it is not necessary to have a Trueblue account to receive these emails. You can simply contact JetBlue travel bank customer service for more information on this topic.

Jetblue Travel Bank:Explained

Travel Bank is an account (or bank)online where you can access and manage any travel points you receive. Think of it as a payment wallet. You can choose to use it on the website when your use Jetblue Book a Flight service or the JetBlue app.

Process to Use Jetblue Travel Bank

  • Your Travel Bank account will be automatically created the first time you earn travel points. To ensure that any future travel points are issued to the same account, please be sure to enter your TrueBlue number when you will book a new flight.
  • When booking on jetblue.com or the JetBlue app, you can use JetBlue travel points to pay for flights operated by JetBlue or the ticket portion of JetBlue Vacations packages. Even when booking on jetblue.com, points cannot be used to pay ancillary expenses or travel with our partner airlines.
  • You can cluster Jetblue Travel Bank Credits with different payment methods, including credit cards and TrueBlue points.
  • Customers can use travel points to book for anyone they like. The name on the account does not need to be the same as the traveler’s name.
  • If you are a TrueBlue member, please log in to your TrueBlue account to access your JetBlue account, click the down arrow next to your name and total points, and select Travel Bank Credit from the drop-down menu. This will take you directly to your statement page, where you can view the points and expiration date.
  • You can access your Travel Bank through the Travel Bank system on Jetblue’s official website or register for TrueBlue(free!) to access or maintain your travel Bank account without any hassles. After receiving points, the flight crew can merge your existing Jetblue bank with your latest TrueBlue account via chat if you join TrueBlue.

Further, you can continue with the booking process. If there are still any doubts, you can contact the airline and ask how to check JetBlue travel bank from the expert executives. They will help you out without any delays.

How to start booking with JetBlue travel points

Jetblue airways recommend that you log in to your JetblueTravel Bank account before starting the booking process so that you know the amount available for booking. The amount of each point, and the expiration time of the points. Once you log in to the account, you can effortlessly;y begin the Jetblue Booking process. To begin, click the book now link on the left panel. You can review your JetBlue travel bank before you continue the process and enjoy a hassle-free flight with Jetblue Airways.

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