Find Your Perfect Escape with Jetblue flights to Jamaica.

When flying to Caribbean destinations, the first thought is longer coastlines and beautiful harbors. But there’s much more to them. And Jamaica is the veritable jewel of the Caribbean region. The land of jackfruit and jerkies has roaring rivers and beautiful beaches, captivating numerous visitors each year. Boasting unique creole comes Carib come colonial come African come Latin heritage and culture, Jamaica is a turning point for globetrotters. If you are interested in witnessing the beautiful English edge mansions and barbeque fragrant beach huts, you can visit here. Moreover, if you book JetBlue flights to Jamaica, you can find several exciting deals to choose from. Now, let’s find out how you can find your perfect escape to Jamaica.

List of the best things to do in Jamaica 

Visit the Dunn’s River Waterfall for a bathe

Dunn River Falls is hidden between the green jungle outside the premium Ocho Rios and the perfect James Bond beach. You’ll find a series of breathtaking cataracts stepped across the slopes. Besides, it is an indisputable must-see attraction on the island. Further, this site draws several groups of travelers and guides. Tourists are often curious to wade into the gushing waters and soar the 180-meter-long travertine frame that forms the waterfall itself. You can simply find JetBlue flight tickets to fly to Jamaica and enjoy your exciting holiday.

Adore the charming Colonial Styles at Devon House

Devon House is a small and peaceful enclave located in the heart of the bustling capital Kingston. Surrounded by manicured green grass lawns and elongated coconut trees, it has a series of gorgeous whitewashed colonial architecture. It was built in the 1880s by the first black millionaire on the island, and today the internal rooms are open for viewing. Other tourists or the locals come here to simply relax in the garden on weekends, relax, or chew on the milky and refreshing ice cream from the nearby I-Scream joint. Interested tourists often book JetBlue tickets to Jamaica and travel along with the world’s most reliable low-cost airline.

Enjoy yourself on Seven Miles Beach.

Stretch-you guessed it! – Seven miles long on the picturesque west coast of Jamaica, Seven Mile Beach has been consistently rated as one of the top beaches on the island; no, in the world! Of course, it has all the glittering alabaster white sand beaches and turquoise waters, and you would expect a popular tropical beach, but there is more. Take the cliff bar in Negril Town as an example. There are palm umbrellas on the rocks and a super romantic view of the Jamaican sunset on the sea. Moreover, with JetBlue deals to Jamaica, you can stop worrying about the budget and fly smoothly to your favorite destination. 

Enjoy Swimming with the Dolphins and the Dolphin Bay

Buckle up and check this thing off your bucket list. Because a trip to Dolphin Bay by booking JetBlue flights to Kingston, Jamaica means a chance to get up close and swim with some of the smartest mammals of the ocean. Situated only a few meters from the Dunn’s River waterfall and the Ocho Rios, you can easily access this location from the city. Many tourists often come here to know about the dolphins and sharks living in the Caribbean. There even are some Carib Sharks and Dolphin pods whom you can swim with. Just get ready for your ideal getaway with Jetblue Airways and enjoy your vacays.