July 4, 2023

Jetblue Flight Delay Compensation

Are you a Jetblue passenger at the airport with flight bookings in hand, stressing about a delayed flight? We are here to help. Considering and thinking of the situation in your shoes, we understand your head might be popping up with multiple questions. What will happen if the flight is too delayed or gets canceled later? Are there any options? How to deal with such situation? You need not worry too much; instead, go through JetBlue Delay compensation policy. The rules mentioned in the guidelines will assure you of the possibilities for compensation. 

Also, you don’t have to go anywhere to get the information regarding the same. This blog is about throwing light on your compensation right concerning JetBlue policies.

Does JetBlue compensate for delayed flights?

JetBlue is a passenger-friendly airline that prioritizes its relationship with customers. Therefore, the airline will provide reimbursement if a passenger faces any inconvenience due to the airline’s fault. But, JetBlue Compensation is valid only for some specific circumstances. You can go through the guidelines set by JetBlue Airways to help passengers know their eligibility.

Jetblue flight delay compensation: What do you need to know?

So, when exactly to consider your flight delay at JetBlue, or what are the kind of delays a passenger might face under JetBlue Delay policy:

Departure Delays

  1. Customers are eligible for a $25 future travel voucher on JetBlue if their flight is delayed 1-2 hours before planned departure because of a Controllable Irregularity.
  2. JetBlue will rebate affected passengers with a $50 future travel voucher on JetBlue if their flight is late for 2-4 hours due to a Controllable Irregularity.
  3. Travelers qualify for a voucher for future travel on JetBlue in the amount they paid for the one-way trip if their flight is delayed 4-6 hours before the scheduled departure time due to a Controllable Irregularity.
  4. Customers will get a redeemable voucher to use for future travel on JetBlue in the amount paid by the customer for round trips (or the one-way ticket, doubled) if the flight delays before planned departure for six or more hours owing to a Controllable Irregularity.
  5. The airline is free from paying you if your substitute plane arrives at the same time as your original journey. All you get is a refund for the time you lost. This payment may come either in the form of cash or a service.

Flight Overbookings

  1. Although, you will rarely find an event where JetBlue has an overbooking. 
  2. But, in case of an unfortunate event of overbooking, the airline will reimburse all the affected passengers as defined under the JetBlue Contract of Carriage.
  3. Customers who JetBlue Airways denies boarding are entitled to a $1000 refund.

Onboard ground delays

  1. If a client experiences a ground delay onboard that lasts longer than five hours, JetBlue will take the appropriate action.
  2. Additionally, JetBlue will give passengers experiencing ground delay onboard access to beverages and food, restrooms, and, if required, medical care.
  3. Customers are entitled to a $25 voucher usable for future travel on JetBlue if they incur ground delay onboard on arrival, lasting between 30 and 59 minutes past the scheduled arrival time.
  4. A $ 100 future travel voucher on JetBlue is available to customers who incur ground delay onboard on arrival for 1–1:59 hours after the scheduled arrival time.
  5. Customers qualify for a voucher good for future travel on JetBlue in the amount paid by the customer for the one-way ticket, or $100, whichever is greater if they incur ground delay onboard on arrival for 2-3 hours after the scheduled arrival time.
  6. Passengers qualify for a voucher usable for future travel on JetBlue in the amount paid by the customer for roundtrips (or the one-way ticket, doubled) if they experience ground delay onboard on arrival for three or more hours after the scheduled arrival time.
  7. Customers are entitled to a $ 100 future travel voucher on JetBlue if they have a ground delay onboard on departure for 3-4 hours.
  8. Travelers qualify for a future travel voucher on JetBlue equal to the amount they paid for roundtrips (or the one-way ticket, doubled) if they experience ground delay onboard on departure for four or more hours.

What makes you eligible for Jetblue delayed flight compensation?

The answer to this question is simple yet a bit complicated. But we are here to ease your concern about when actually to raise a claim using the JetBlue compensation form. Have a look at the pointers below:

  • Flight delays by 3 hours or more within Europe will have to reimburse all the passengers as per EU law for passengers’ rights.
  • If the above statement applies to you, you qualify for around $700 refund from the airline.
  • Even though the aircraft departed on time, you might get compensation on arrival more than 3 hours late at your destination.
  • Suppose the delay is due to something under JetBlue’s control — such as a strike by the airways staff or a maintenance issue. You can submit the claim in that case.
  • The exclusion applies to any JetBlue Airways flight delays brought on by unusual circumstances. It relates to circumstances not under the airline’s control—for instance, delays brought on by inclement weather or a strike by air traffic controllers. 

Jetblue tarmac delay compensation

Till now, we have talked about flight delays at the time of scheduled departure. But many of you are unaware of JetBlue delay compensation on lengthy tarmac delays. When a flight is waiting to take off or has just landed on the tarmac, and passengers are not allowed to exit the aircraft, it is called a tarmac delay. If you are on a Tarmac delay for 3 hours(domestic to 4 hours(international), the airline is responsible for compensating for your loss.  

Additionally, passengers waiting to get off the plane will have ample facilities like food, water, and medical assistance (if required). JetBlue will make a full effort to deplane all the passengers in no more than 3-4 hours. Such a situation may be due to any emergencies. 

Steps to take in case of JetBlue flight delay

The primary motive of any passenger at the time of flight delay is seeking Flight delay jetBlue compensation for the loss. But, before that, understand the steps according to your timings, how to request the compensation, track the amount, and receive the rebate. Have a look at the following:

  • Firstly, confirm the reason for your flight delay. It could be the airline’s fault, or there must be some uncontrollable situations. Getting the reason itself will help you to know your eligibility.
  • Secondly, act lawfully; you must collect valid information for delayed flights. You must submit the receipts of your bookings, your reservation number, the mode of payment you used to purchase the flights, etc.
  • Thirdly, insist the airlines provide you with some basic benefits like free beverages, accommodation for late-night delays, etc. It is a must if your flight is over 3 hours late.
  • Seek the assistance of an airline representative to file a claim if your flight delays more than 2 hours. Flight delays of less than 5 hours will make you eligible for an e-voucher for future travel. In contrast, you are subject to monetary compensation for flight delays of 5 or more hours.

How to get compensation for a delayed flight from JetBlue?

Whether your flight is delayed or canceled by the airlines, the procedure to raise the claim is almost the same. So, to get JetBlue compensation for delayed flights, you must request the airline by filling out the compensation form. 

Online method

  1. Visit www.jetblue.com and navigate to the ‘My Trips’ tab.
  2. You must sign into your JetBlue account or navigate to your flight bookings by filling out the credentials in the required column.
  3. Further, select the flight that you want to rebook due to delay.
  4. Now, cancel your bookings or rebook if you want to fly an alternative flight.
  5. After canceling the reservations, click on the ‘Compensation’ tab.
  6. Further, redirect to another page where you must provide your reservation details, the number of passengers on the reservation, the reason for compensation, and finally, select the payment option.
  7. Fill out all the recipient bank information required to make the transfer.
  8. Lastly, click on the ‘Submit’ tab to apply for compensation.

Offline method

  1. Call the customer service number of JetBlue Airlines to raise the claim for JetBlue delays.
  2. You first need to find the accurate number to contact a live person.
  3. Visit the ‘Contact Us page of the airways and find the number that suits your concern and geographical region.
  4. Further, Dial the number and observe the IVR instructions.
  5. Follow the instructions and dial the number that relates to your preferences.
  6. Next, once your call transfers to an airline representative, wait a few minutes.
  7. Now, please speak to the representative and them about your concern that you want to raise the claim.
  8. You must provide the required details of your flight, the reason for the delay, and the payment mode you would like to receive the compensation.
  9. Once the raising claim procedure completes, you will receive confirmation from the registered email address.
  10. You can either use the claim to rebook your flight (to use immediately) or get the compensation in your statement.

At the Airport

If you are at the airport facing a delay of 4-5 hours, the following is a must to follow:

  1. Locate the ‘helpdesk counter’ of the JetBlue terminal.
  2. Now, look for the help staff at the counter and get in touch with them.
  3. Then, provide all the details of your flight bookings.
  4. Further, you will get two options, whether you want to get an alternative flight or want compensation.
  5. Choose any one as per your preferences and proceed with that option.

The compensation will take 7-20 working days to reflect in your account.

JetBlue baggage delay compensation; what you need to know

Passengers can easily get Baggage delay compensation from the responsible airline, JetBlue, in case the luggage gets late by the airline’s authorities. However, there won’t be any compensation for unauthorized articles restricted for transportation by the airlines. 

If your baggage is gets late, damaged, or lost by JetBlue staff, you are subject to a refund of around 3,800 USD per traveler. Also, you must raise the claim within 2 hours for domestic flights and within 4 hours for international flights after the baggage loss or delay.

To raise the complaint or file a compensation claim, you must first provide your Jetblue Reservations details to the respective person of the airline staff. Further, they will seek your payment details to provide the appropriate refund for delayed baggage.

What is the 3-hour flight delay compensation for JetBlue?

As the name suggests, passengers receive the 3-hour Delay compensation JetBlue when they experience ground delay onboard for three or more hours.

In such a case, jetBlue entails providing the passenger with the required facilities and a Voucher that you can use for any future travel on JetBlue. But, that future travel must cost equal to the amount of your current bookings. Otherwise, you must pay an extra fee for the fare differences. The voucher will consist of the value paid by the customer for roundtrips (or the one-way trip, doubled).

Can I get a JetBlue weather delay compensation?

In some circumstances, when the situation is out of the airline’s control, you can’t expect JetBlue flight delay compensation in monetary form. However, jetBlue puts complete effort into sticking to the plan or making necessary arrangements for passengers. In such situations, passengers will get the information as early as possible about the flight delay. Stay tuned for any airline notification as your departure gets near.

Further, you can always ask the respective person on jetBlue about the weather delay policy of the airlines.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you get all the required information regarding Jetblue Delay Compensation in this blog. And you may now act smarter while dealing with such situations. Further, we suggest you look at JetBlue’s flight delay and cancellation policy to match all the dots about your compensation probability. And, as you get ample understanding, you can travel without any trouble.

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