June 30, 2023

What is JetBlue Blue extra fare option?

JetBlue Blue extra- Fly with Extra benefits in economy

JetBlue Blue Extra flights offer you a better experience and comfortable flying options along with great flexibility. It comes under the most expensive fare category under the economy section. However, it still lags behind enough when you take a look at the mint fares.

When you purchase Jetblue Blue extra fare, you get multiple benefits. Besides, you enjoy an exciting air travel experience with the airline. With this you get:

  • Pre-Booking of seats/advanced seating complimentary
  • Full Flight Change Flexibility
  • Early flight boarding process.
  • Even More Speed for a faster experience at the airport.

Let’s dig more information on the Blue Extra fare type by Jetblue airways!

Jetblue Blue Extra Fare- An overview

Jetblue always has the knack of making customers satisfied at any cost. That’s why their different fare categories represent different passenger needs. So, if you are a passenger who wishes not to go over budget but still enjoy eminent perks, choose blue extra Jetblue. This way you can enjoy extremely good options.

Though jetblue is a low cost carrier, it has been a prominent choice of many and the reasons are simple, the amenities. So, choose this airline fare and learn about it in detail before you completely decide to book your JetBlue tickets.

How are Blue Extra seats?

JetBlue Blue extra is an addition to the airline’s economy section, you can enjoy standard economy seats on purchasing the fare. The airline’s seating options are carefully made to provide the passengers with a satisfactory journey. Jetblue blue extra seats are a perfect option for your short haul or medium haul flights. The specifications are:

  • Seat Pitch(legroom) 32” to 34” (varies by aircraft)
  • Seat Width 17” to 18.4”

Each seat of blue extra fares is especially designed to provide immense comfort to the traveler. So, next time you are seated on the airline, you’ll feel like nothing’s changed and you are sitting on your cozy couch. Also, the customers who wish to enjoy more legroom space and width, jetblue even more space option is only for them.

What are the necessary rules for Blue Extra customers?

Blue extra is nothing but a Premium Economy fare like many other airline’s cabin classes. You don’t get checked bags, but ticket changes are possible, But still there are some guidelines that you need to follow in order to achieve that. 

  •  Passengers with Blue extra fare tickets can bring one carry-on bag and board their flights free of cost.
  • The fare also allows you to take one personal item which can be your laptop, umbrella, purse, normal handbag, or a baby nappy bag.
  • There are no checked bags in your Blue extra flights but for your flights to and from London will even have that perk.
  • A Blue extra ticket on Jetblue also guarantees same-day change, same-day standby, etc. Also, the normal changes are zero change fee basis.
  • You can make advanced seat selection for free.
  • There is no cancellation fee on flight termination.

Moreover, the best part is for every one dollar you spend on the Blue Extra flights, you get at least three Trueblue points. So if you are still confused over Jetblue blue vs blue extra, these perks above will let you decide fairly. That’s because, in the end, perks matter a lot.

How do you book flight tickets under JetBlue Blue extra?

Do you wish to book flights under Jetblue Blue extra fare? Are you also looking up options to find the perfect booking? The following steps will allow you to book a jetblue flight without a hassle.

To book a Blue Extra jetblue ticket, 

  • Go to the JetBlue Airways official website.
  • On the topmost section of the page, you will see the ‘Book a flight’ option.
  • Click here to begin and choose the ‘Flights’ service.
  • Now, provide your departure place and destination details.
  • Next, you must choose the trio type between round trip, one-way, or multi-city.
  • Further, provide the number of traveling passengers including the adults.
  • Check the box in front of  ‘Use TrueBlue points’ and use miles in your account for booking. To be eligible, you must have an active Trueblue account with points..
  • Tap the ‘Search Flights’ command and the website will display the number of available flights with total fare options on JetBlue..
  • Further, you can see the “‘Explore Fares’ option on the left hand corner of the web page. Under this section, you need to select the Blue Extra Fare type.. 
  • Now, Select the fare of your choice and the time preference as per you want to fly.
  • The new step will display your trip summary. You can start to check out from here.

Once you have clicked to check out, you will now see the traveler’s details section. You can provide the details of every traveler with their contact details. Finally, move on to the payments page and clear the payment for the flight.

What is the cost of Booking Blue Extra flights on JetBlue?

The JetBlue’s Blue Extra flight ticket cost depends entirely on your route. Compared to other fare types offered by airlines, JetBlue Blue Extra is more expensive than Blue Basic, Blue and Blue Plus, but cheaper than JetBlue Mint tickets. 

In order to offer you a clear idea about the flight ​​the costs, you can also check the latest prices for one of the most popular JetBlue Airways

  • For example, you can check out the fee for(JFK) New York to (STI) San Diego route. On this route the one-way flight under Blue extra will cost you about $212. Whereas, it costs $187 in Blue fare and Blue Basic.
  • Furthermore, including the Blue Extra baggage fee, your first checked bag costs 35 US Dollars. Jetblue will charge you $45 for your second checked bag.
  • Also, starting with the third bag, you must pay a fee of $150 per bag.

Is Jetblue blue extra first class?

Are you linkin the Blue extra jetblue fare to first class? Well, that’s not the case. You need to defy anyone asking, “Is Jetblue blue extra first class? The reason is simple. Blue extra is like the premium economy fares of other airlines.

You get more amenities in Blue Extra than the basic economy or Basic fares. You will enjoy some of the perks like Even more speed for free and the benefit of even more space is available for a fee. So, in short, it is not a first class experience and nowhere actually near it, but a greater experience than in basic economy.

In Conclusion,

If you want to enjoy excellent services under Jetblue economy fare, you can choose Blue extra fare and book flights. If you need any additional information, you are free to connect with the airline’s customer service team. Moreover, for more detailed access, you can also connect to one of our customer service executives for help. The team is always available for help and will provide you enough insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with blue extra on Jetblue?

Passengers who purchase Jetblue extra fare, can get multiple benefits. Besides, they can enjoy an exciting air travel experience with the airline. With this the basic amenities are:

  • Pre-Booking of seats/advanced seating complimentary
  • Full Flight Change Flexibility
  • Early flight boarding process.
  • Even More Speed for a faster experience at the airport.

What’s the difference between Jetblue Blue vs Blue extra?

JetBlue Blue fare and Blue extra fares have a few differences and also a few similarities, let’s show you in detail:

  • Jetblue Blue and Blue extra, both offer free advance seat selection service.
  • Blue fares provide general boarding whereas Blue extra has an early boarding facility.
  • Blue extra has Even More space(on a fee) and even more speed but Blue fare does not have anything.
  • Both fares allow one free checked bag for flights to and from London.
  • No change fee or cancellation charges for each of the fares.

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