June 22, 2023

How can I book a flight on Jetblue flying with Baby?

Every parent with a toddler, or infant, knows how dreadful it can be to fly with your kids. But not when you book Jetblue flights. With JetBlue flying with a baby is easy if you are knowledgeable enough. 

Well, you must’ve seen the “Baby on Board” tag behind cars. However, you should know that doesn’t just apply to your cars. JetBlue Airways loves to have tiny little passengers on board.  

So, you can look forward to flying with your kids below two years old with the airline and also avoid all the hassle that you generally have. Now, let’s find out everything about this service in detail.

Does JetBlue allow Infants on their flights?

JetBlue airways offer passengers the benefit of taking their infants along when flying with them. Infants below the age of 2 can travel totally for free as a lap child under the JetBlue baby policy. However, you can also purchase a seat if you have an approved child-restraint device.

Age requirement for Lap infants

When your child is from three days old to twenty-four months, he is a lap infant. Jetblue does not charge you anything to bring lap infants, and you can take all your belongings of the child as a carry-on. However, children over the age of two will need a seat of their own on the plane.

Moreover, you also need to provide proof of age when flying with a baby on JetBlue. Here is some valid form of proof:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Immunization record

Note: you can submit a copy of your passport for domestic travel. However, it’s better if you have the originals because they validate the identity of your child and his age.

Also, remember to have a letter of approval from your doctor to take your child within the age of three to fourteen days for air travel with JetBlue.

Important points to remember when flying with a baby on JetBlue:

When you are booking JetBlue Airways flying with babies flights, you need to know a few details about the airline’s infant policy. Here are the details:

  • Only a passenger 14 years of age or older can bring a lap infant with them on Jetblue Airways.
  • You must keep your child on your lap while the flight takes off and lands at the destination.
  • JetBlue only allows one lap infant per adult on each of their flights.
  • The airline does not permit passengers with lap infants to sit in emergency exit rows.
  • Every row has a group of seats on the aisle side. And each group can only have one lap infant because the number of oxygen masks available is limited.
  • Two adults with two lap infants can, however, sit in the same group. But they should be on opposite sides of your aisle.
  • Extended over-water flights have a limited allowance for lap infant bookings because there are lesser spare life vests.

Therefore, you will be able to have your vacation with JetBlue flying with a baby will also be safer. Now, let’s move on to find out more details on flying with babies with JetBlue.

What is Jetblue’s baggage allowance for infants?

Jetblue allows you to bring baggage for your lap infants as a carry-on as the airline will not allow checked luggage onboard. However, a child restraint device is also not under the checked baggage allowance. Also, there won’t be a fee. There are a few things you can bring when you are using JetBlue traveling with a baby. Below you may find the details:

  • A stroller
  • One car seat
  • A diaper bag

Moreover, your child’s playpens, infant beds, wagons, etc. will count as your checked luggage, and you have to pay a fee. Besides, everything must meet the weight and size requirements for travel. However, if you wish to take a booster seat, check out the  Jetblue booster seat policy. Only then decide to bring it with you. You can also choose to ask the airline experts about it if you want details.

JetBlue Flying with Babies within the USA

When you use JetBlue Flying With Kids service and travel within the USA, you can add this information while making an online booking at the airline’s website. However, if you want to add your infants to an already made booking, you can contact JetBlue customer service.

When you are traveling Internationally with Kids

Every customer also means your lap infants should have a valid passport ID to travel internationally with JetBlue. You should call the Jetblue Telefono team for information about it or keep reading. Here are the details:

  • Passengers must present the passport of their infant to a crewmember on JetBlue before any international flight boarding.
  • The airline charges passengers with an infant a fee if they are flying internationally except for locations like Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
  • However, this fee depends on the international origin point.
  • When you are taking a round trip, this fee is only for your flight from the international destination to the USA, not the other way around.

Moreover, if lap infants are not traveling with their parents, legal guardians are allowed. Otherwise, they must have a notarized letter authorizing their air travel. Besides, each country needs special documentation, which you can know if you consult with an expert prior to your flight and get information.

Bottom Line

This way, you can plan JetBlue flying with babies and go on with your vacation plans with your children. Besides, if you need more details, you can connect to an airline expert and get the help you have been looking for. Our customer service experts will be happy to help you out.

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