June 15, 2023

What Is Mosaic On JetBlue Airways?

JetBlue is an award-winning American discounted airline known for its exceptional frequent flyer program. Join TrueBlue and fly throughout the United States and international destinations without breaking the bank. Unlike other global airlines offering diverse ranks of elite status, JetBlue offers just one, often called TrueBlue Mosaic status. Mosaic is JetBlue Airways’ elite loyalty status tier, offering a range of exclusive benefits such as complimentary checked bags, expedited security screening, and bonus points for frequent flyers.

Having elite status while flying internationally or domestically not only provides extra perks, but you’ll also get free seat upgrades, same-day flight changes, Etc. Whether you get TrueBlue Mosaic status via travel spend, JetBlue credit card spending, or both, you’ll get an extra set of perks.

You’ll even get an additional three tiles on top of the points already achieved on JetBlue and American Airlines flights and the flight segment of a JetBlue Vacations package. Let’s dive right into the updates of JetBlue’s elite status program in 2023.

JetBlue Major Changes on the TrueBlue Loyalty Program in 2023

JetBlue Airways has made some major changes in its TrueBlue loyalty program. The airline revamped and launched its new frequent flyer program on May 10, 2023. Under the revamped frequent flyer program, the airline “Tiles” is a status metric, and you can easily achieve higher tiers of Mosaic status.

Even more exciting is that flyers can get rewarded prior to achieving Mosaic status and customise the rewards they will get. Here are the given drastic changes to JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program


  • You’ll get 1 Tile for $100 spent on JetBlue flights, JetBlue Vacations packages, extra charges, adds-on, cancellation fees, and American Airlines-operated flights. 
  • You also earn 1 Tile for every $1,000 on JetBlue credit cards. Please note the more tiles you earn, the higher Mosaic status you achieve.

4 tiers of Mosaic status

Last year JetBlue launched a second tier of its loyalty program status, often called Mosaic+. On 2023 May 10, JetBlue drastically changed its loyalty program by introducing four levels of Mosaic status. However each tier is known as Mosaic, but the extra set of benefits that comes with each tier varies.

If you wish to earn status in 2023, you have to earn the given number of the tiles below in the table between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31.

Mosaic Tiers  Tiles  Travel spend on JetBlue  Spend on JetBlue card
Mosaic Level 1  50 $5,000 $50,000
Mosaic Level 2 100 $10,000 $100,000
Mosaic Level 3  150 $15,000 $150,000
Mosaic Level 4  250 $25,000 $250,000

Perks You Pick before Mosaic

As we know, the extra perks or airline loyalty programs aren’t attainable until you get a status threshold. But with the new changes in the JetBlue loyalty program, non-frequent flyers can attain additional perks. Once you earn 10, 20, 30, and 40 Tiles, you’re entitled to pick an extra perk from the given options.

  • Priority security- access to an expedited lane to security at dozens of airports.
  • First 2 Checked Bags Free- You can carry two checked bags free of cost on all JetBlue- & American-operated flights.
  • One complimentary beverage per flight, including beer, wine, or liquor
  • Same-Day Switches- free of cost same-day change 24 hours before original departure.
  • Additional 5,000 TrueBlue points to the worth of $65.

Please note that you’re not allowed to choose the same perk several times as you hit extra milestones. If you forgot to select an additional perk before the scheduled departure, the airline would not automatically select it.

What is JetBlue Mosaic?

Mosaic status is all about the extra set of benefits. It is the JetBlue elite status program with four tiers of elite status, and each tier is called Mosaic and followed by a number to determine your elite status level. If you wish to get started and earn JetBlue elite status, you must create an account on the JetBlue TrueBlue rewards program.

As soon as you attain the tier of Mosaic 1, additional perks will be added each time you level up. Flying on a JetBlue, you’ll be rewarded with extra Mosaic Signature perks while keeping the perks you’ve obtained from the “Perks You Pick” program.

Mosaic tiles

JetBlue Mosaic tiles are one of the easiest ways to get higher elite status by earning more tiles. You can earn tiles by spending on travel with JetBlue or on a co-branded airline card.

TrueBlue points

TrueBlue points allow flyers to fly free of cost. JetBlue loyalty program’s major aspects are points worth an average of 1.28 cents apiece. However, the points come with no expiry dates or no blackout dates. You can easily earn additional points when you make purchases through JetBlue and its partners.

How to earn JetBlue TrueBlue points vs. tiles?

It isn’t very easy to choose between JetBlue TrueBlue points and tiles. So many of us wish to get both points because they offer different kind of perks and comes with serve different functions:

TrueBlue points

You can easily earn TrueBlue points while flying with JetBlue or American Airlines. The airline allows its flyers to earn points on the JetBlue Vacations package and any purchase made through the qualifying JetBlue credit card.

You’ll get 3 points for spending $1 per JetBlue flight. Please note you may only get 1 point per $1 if you’re holding a JetBlue Blue Basic fare. Purchases made directly through jetblue.com will increase the value of your points.

If you’ve bought a JetBlue flight ticket with a co-branded JetBlue credit card, you’ll get extra points as per the credit card’s earning limit.

Mosaic tiles

If you’re holding a JetBlue Mosaic tier, you can level up your ranks by spending on flight purchases. You can easily attain points by spending on JetBlue or its partner flights. Once you earn enough tiles, you will level up to the next status tier. However, JetBlue’s Mosaic 1 status is typically the old loyalty program.

Hopefully, the details mentioned above regarding JetBlue’s TrueBlue Mosaic elite status will help you. It’s an exceptional loyalty program that gives an extra set of benefits for elite flyers. You can easily speak to the airline customer representative for further assistance by dialling the JetBlue reservations centre number.

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