May 31, 2023

Jetblue Airways Group Travel and fly With your Friends or Family

Do you love travelling in big groups? If yes, then it is the best way to discover new places with your loved ones. If you are planning an upcoming travel with your friends and family then JetBlue group travel is the best choice for you. JetBlue Airways offers you travel of 10 or more people on the same plane. Whenever we plan an air travel, we don’t want to leave our loved ones. Unlike many other airlines, JetBlue Booking for a group can help you grab exciting discounts and benefits

Guidelines for JetBlue Group Travel

If you wish to make JetBlue Airlines Group travel bookings for your upcoming trip. Then you must be aware about the terms and conditions laid down by the airline. It is compulsory to comply with specific group booking guidelines.

  • If you want to book tickets as a family or group, you can choose to make 7 multiple bookings for up to 7 passengers.
  • In a JetBlue group booking, at least ten people can travel together.
  • Passengers can maintain their seats by paying $50 for each seat 30 days before the flight.
  • Cancellation of group seat reservations will result in the forfeiture of all payments.
  • It is recommended that you make a group booking on the same flight on the same day.
  • If the customer travels separately from the group, the booking will be treated as a personal JetBlue booking.
  • You must pay $50 per person within 14 days of booking to confirm your seat.
  • If the group plan is still a temporary trip, please pay the deposit within 7 days of booking.
  • The airline will transfer your deposit to the final payment.
  • If the passenger fails to pay before the due date, JetBlue airlines group travel reserves the right to cancel the flight booking.
  • Domestic travel can be paid within 30 days before the flight departure, and the final payment for international flights should be paid 60 days before the flight departure.

If necessary, you can directly call JetBlue to contact customer service to make a group reservation. In addition, you can follow your questions in the email sent to JetBlue Airways. It is recommended that you check the airline’s regular quotes and transactions.

What Types of Groups does JetBlue Allow?

JetBlue offers a variety of options for group bookings, making it convenient to secure tickets for your leisure or business travel needs. Let’s explore the various types of group bookings available on JetBlue.

  • Study Travel groups:

Students or scholars can travel on JetBlue Airways. Just like other types of groups, these groups are also eligible for huge allowances.

  • Families as group:

JetBlue also allows groups of families to fly with them. The condition is that there has to be at least an adult in the family group with many children.

  • Church groups:

Likewise, a group of church members can fly freely. Please ensure  that you follow JetBlue’s booking guidelines.

  • Leisure groups

JetBlue is well-equipped to facilitate travel for groups consisting of 10 or more passengers. Whether you’re planning a trip for a sports team, a group with a particular destination in mind. You can expect competitive fares and an exceptional travel experience.

  • Incentive Group

This program is suitable for companies looking to reward their high-performing employees with a trip. The Incentive group program is flexible and accommodating, allowing for any number of passengers.

  • Meeting Travel

JetBlue’s Meetings Program offers unwavering support for corporate meetings. It ensures that your meeting group experiences top-tier customer service and flexible options.

You can initiate a group booking request through the official JetBlue website. Following this, a dedicated team member from JetBlue’s customer service team will reach out to you within a few business days. They will provide a quote and assist in addressing any inquiries you may have

How do I Make a Group Booking with JetBlue Airways?

Making a JetBlue group booking is not a difficult task. However, the JetBlue Flights Tickets booking method may vary depending on the number of passengers travelling in a group.

Collect Information: Start by collecting essential details such as travel dates, destination, the number of travelers, and any specific requirements.

Visit Official Site: Go to the official JetBlue website and access the dedicated team travel page. Here, you can find information about the benefits of group bookings and an overview of the process.

Submit a Group Travel Request: Fill out the provided form with your travel plans. This typically includes information about the number of travelers, departure and arrival cities, travel dates, and any special requests.

Receive a Quote: After submitting the form, JetBlue’s Group Booking experts will review your request and provide a personalized quote based on your group’s requirements.

Review and Confirm: Once you receive the quote, carefully review the details. It will include flight information, costs, and any additional services. If everything looks satisfactory, confirm the booking by following the provided instructions.

Make Payment: Depending on JetBlue’s policy, you may need to make a deposit or full payment to secure the group booking.

Manage Details: After confirming the reservation and making the payment, you can manage the travel details for your group through the JetBlue official website. This includes adding travelers, selecting seats, and handling any changes to the itinerary.

How to Contact JetBlue for Group Bookings?

To make group reservations on JetBlue airlines, contact the JetBlue Groups Desk at the queue-free telephone number 1-888-JETBLUE (1-888-538-2583), select option 2 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. — 7:30 p.m., ET, Monday through Friday.

You may also write a formal mail to get booking quotes to Groups Desk Contact Email: [email protected].

Change and Cancellation Policy of JetBlue Group Booking

At most 30 days before the intended departure, you must include each passenger’s information when booking a JetBlue group travel. It covers both international and domestic travel.

JetBlue Domestic flights International/Transatlantic flights
Changes/cancellations made within 30 days of departure Amount paid will get forfeited Amount paid will get forfeited
Cancellations/changes made within 60 days of departure Amount paid will get forfeited Amount paid will get forfeited
Changes & cancellations after paying deposit
  • $135 change fees per person + increase in airfare.
  • Cancellation charges depending on air route 
  • A change in fees per person + increase in airfare.
  • Cancellation charges depending on route 
Changes made after complete payment outside 30 or 60 days
  • $135 change fees + airfare differences if any
  • The differences will be forfeited if the change results in lower fare.
  • A nominal change fees + airfare differences if any
  • The differences will be forfeited if the change results in lower fare.
Reducing number of passengers before complete payment The group bookings will get cancelled with forfeiture of the amount. Group booking will get segregated into individual bookings with no refund.

Note: All payments made to book groups on JetBlue are non-refundable.

Consider, too, that you must submit the required information by the deadline. JetBlue Airlines may then cancel your reservations. But there must be cancellation fees associated with this. Additionally, for a price of $100 per passenger, you can change the passenger’s name. However, any minor name modifications can be done without further fees.

Things to Consider Before Making JetBlue Group Reservations

  • TrueBlue or Mosaic members won’t get elite benefits on JetBlue Group bookings.
  • JetBlue doesn’t allow passengers to redeem TrueBlue points to book groups.
  • Passengers booked under one group will be seated together depending on the seat availability on the aircraft.
  • There is no certainty regarding seat assignments; they can be changed initially if not reserved.
  • Name changes must be completed at least 72 hours before flight departure.
  • JetBlue reserves the right to revoke reservations immediately if names are submitted after the deadline. There are cancellation fees.
  • The due date for final payment of JetBlue group on domestic flights is 30 days before scheduled departure, and for international flights, 60 days before departure. 
  • If you book a flight to or from North or South America 120 days or more before departure, you must pay a $50 non-refundable deposit per person, per reservation, within 14 days of the booking date.
  • When purchasing transatlantic flights 120 days or more in advance, a $150 per person non-refundable deposit is required within 14 days of the booking date.

Conclusion –

If you’re prepared to take your group on a flight, JetBlue is the ideal option. It’s a great choice for travel. Review the above mentioned details and make JetBlue reservations effortless. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the airline’s agents. Contact the representatives now for a smooth and trouble-free JetBlue group reservations.

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